Online Product Testing

By Kate

Navigating market research in the post-pandemic era can pose challenges. Whilst we have largely returned to our pre-pandemic MO, we have also incorporated some of the methods adopted during the pandemic to enhance the efficiency of our research. However, conducting physical product testing online remains a formidable objective. In this blog, we will explore the many strategies that make online product testing possible.

One of the primary obstacles encountered during product testing is the strict adherence to health and safety protocols. In many cases, researchers must be physically present in the room to ensure respondent safety. While this requirement cannot be circumvented, it is important to note that all other aspects of product research can be effectively conducted online. Testing products remotely offers a range of advantages, including the elimination of venue and travel expenses, reduced bias in focus groups through the inclusion of pre-tasks, and the ability to store results for as long as desired.

Below are some examples of how you can effectively conduct online product testing:

  • Send your product to the respondents and ask them to document their reactions in a pre-task. These recorded responses can then be utilised in an online bulletin board or focus group/individual depth interviews
  • Request that respondents bring the product to an online focus group or interview session. By capturing their live reactions on video, you can gather valuable insights for your reporting.
  • Utilise bulletin boards or online communities, commonly referred to as video diaries, where respondents can record and share their experiences with the product. This approach provides a comprehensive understanding of their usage, thoughts, and feedback. It is in the moment but also prevents any bias.
  • Lastly, consider a combination of the aforementioned approaches or even incorporating all of them. By encouraging respondents to keep a diary, you ensure that every stage of the testing process is thoroughly documented. Furthermore, inviting them to participate in a focus group alongside others, allows for valuable comparisons and diverse perspectives. By employing these methods, you can capture a comprehensive range of insights that can be compiled into a cohesive and informative report. This integrated approach maximizes the depth and breadth of your product testing endeavours.

In conclusion, it is evident that conducting product testing using online platforms is not only feasible but also advantageous. Despite initial concerns, the benefits far outweigh any limitations or restrictions that may arise. Market research companies have a significant opportunity to leverage the adaptations made during the pandemic and embrace the possibilities offered by online product testing. At VisionsLive, we are thrilled to witness the evolution and growth that these innovative approaches will bring to the field of market research. The future holds exciting prospects, and we are eager to embark on this journey of discovery.

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