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Online Qualitative Research made simple.

We offer leading market research tools for online qualitative research projects across the globe.

Harness the power of our platform, an easy-to-use tool that gives you the ability to dig deeper and get qualitative insights whether that’s customer experience, employee experience, product experience, market insight, customer journeys or brand insights.

Start the conversation and get ‘best in the industry’ live transcripts and immediately available results from your sessions – giving you insights at your fingertips to help grow your business and get ahead of your competition!

We are a family-owned company with a customer centric approach which is underpinned by our personal service and commitment to deliver excellence in everything we do.

The VisionLive journey - by your side every step of the way!

  • We take time to understand your project and the problem you are looking to solve.
  • We’ll get you started on our platform with a dedicated VisionsLive representative.
  • Assist you or manage the whole online program for you.
  • We are always there to help with 24/7 support and live support in all sessions.
  • And we will only bill you for the time that you use, as we invoice in 15-minute blocks!
  • We will keep in constant contact with you and tell you about features as they are introduced, as well as asking what else you would like to see within our platform.

We have an outstanding team of developers, customer service professionals and administrators to ensure that we deliver on our promises and set us aside from our competitors, giving you exactly the support that you need.

As experts in online qualitative research, we believe in discovering the why. Our key product offering of Online AV Focus Groups & IDIs, Bulletin Boards and Communities, Text Chat Focus Groups & IDIs and H@tch & Concept+ will get you closer to your customers, give you answers to your questions and a greater understanding to build a strategy to grow your business.

Want to know how VisionsLive can help you discover the why and not just the how much?

Let’s talk, book a demo with the team today!

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Online AV Focus Groups
& IDIs

The fastest and most cost-effective way to implement high-quality live online focus groups.

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Online Bulletin Boards
& Communities

Embracing social media concepts and culture, built for online qualitative research.

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Concept+ and
V+ H@tch

Test and review any kind of digital media, images or video easily on any device.

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Text Chat Focus Groups
& Interviews

Text chat lowers the bar of entry for both researcher and participant speeding up the research process.

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Building Relationships with Industry Leaders

Don’t just take our word for it!
Here’s what our clients have to say about their experience with us…

VisionsLive are always our first port of call. They are incredibly responsive from providing an estimate through to their handling of a project itself and overall simply a joy to work with.

Claire Treacher, General ManagerKitchen8

…our focus group went very well. We were able to generate some interesting discussions among participants and kept them engaged for the full hour... Thank you very much again for your assistance on our first session – it was very helpful and much appreciated. Many thanks once again!

Joanna Hofman, ConsultantCoffey International Limited

We have been using VisionsLive since 2014 and it’s our preferred online qual platform. It’s a very easy to use platform that allows us to run insightful online groups. But most importantly they are a bunch of nice people always happy to help and jump in when there is a need.

Michael Galenianos, ConsultantCarat

I used visions live for a very important on-line customer forum we were conducting for a large energy provider. The software on its own is very intuitive.. However, it is the customer service provided by VisionsLive staff that sets it apart. I felt like my project really mattered to them and they helped me from start to finish to ensure that all went smoothly.

Nicky TaylorTaylor McKenzie

VisionsLive has been a key partner since we launched online text-based qualitative... The company has not only facilitated our product development by providing the initial training required and enabling internal training for moderators, but it has actively supported our sales activity to help us convince our customers of the value of the product offering.

Neil Reynolds, DirectormedeConnect Healthcare Insight

The Bulletin Board Focus Group we ran with VisionsLive gave us so much great information – much more than we ever expected, and it was perfect for our time pressed clients who couldn’t attend face to face research. The software was easy to use, and responses to any requests for support were always quickly answered. We’ll definitely be continuing to use the platform.

Fiona Smalley, DirectorVine Research

Excellent service is a very rare commodity in today’s digital age, where automated communication is regularly placed ahead of friendly and personal service, so we were extremely pleased with VisionsLive’s approach... we are always able to speak to a real person at the end of a phone if we need to, no matter what time of day or night; there is someone to look after us.

Bruce Miller, Managing Directorwww.clickback.org

Think Research. Think Online Qual. Think VisionsLive.

Find out how VisionsLive can help you discover the why and not just the how much

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