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Purpose built for online qualitative research, embracing social media concepts and culture, our bulletin boards and communities platform allows researchers to fully engage respondents in an environment that feels familiar, safe and intuitive. Respondents participate and contribute freely and honestly, so you can get the insights you need, quickly and effectively.

Supports Large & Small Scale Projects

Journals, Diaries & Forum Discussions

Structure & Segment Conversations


Heatmaps; Polls
Interactive Whiteboards

Allow Respondents to Submit their own Media

Mobile –

Native Multi-Language

Comprehensive Reporting & Transcripts

Whitelabelling Options

Accessible. Efficient. Agile.

Setting up your online discussion is easy with the tools in your Bulletin Board Dashboard! Create a day, a week, a month or even a year long diary segmented into sections and questions.

Perfect for asynchronous discussions where respondents can log in at various times independently to complete a series of activities, such as whiteboard exercises, snap polls, heat maps and more.

Flexible. Powerful. Engaging

Set up multiple boards in different languages at the click of a button (32 languages to choose from). Create the wrapping of your board by choosing from a selection of themes. Enable push notifications and assign moderators and observers to various boards.

Use profile fields for your respondents and route them to various questions within the board. Want answers from a certain age group? Route them. Want to know who drinks coffee and who drinks tea? Route them. Then bring all of your participants back together again for the rest of their journey.

The Who. The What. The Why

Find out what makes your customers tick, what food they have in their kitchen cupboards, how many pairs of shoes they have in their wardrobes or what’s in their medicine cabinet and discuss the outcome in a continuous thread.

Ask your respondents to upload video, images or audio files. Want to know what they had for lunch? Ask for a picture. Want to know what’s in their kitchen, ask for a video. There’s no limit to the amount of media your respondents can upload.

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Love this dropper design
Does the lid click shut?
Does this have SPF?
Great as didnt leave my skin feeling oily
Love the decoration here

Concept Test with Heatmaps

Easily test any kind of digital image document with Heatmap+, and get rich feedback and commenting linked to specific points and areas of your image. Easily spot the differences in opinions between segments, see focus areas and understand where changes need to be made.

Please hover your cursor over the numbered pins in the image on the right to see respondent comments.

Be there when ‘it’ happens

Our Mobile App let’s users share videos and pictures with you and other participants, while you track their journey and interactions. It even works when the respondent has no WiFi or signal making it unique in the industry.
Use geo-location to follow them to the store, and get into a conversation at important points in their journey. Watch all- important first reactions as consumers purchase, open and use your products.

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Rich media delivers rich insights

Require a whiteboard response. Or a text response. Get respondents to upload images, videos and audio. Present and view any kind of rich stimuli – video, audio, images, polls, interactive whiteboard tasks and more. Truly empower your researchers with this dynamic bulletin board platform.


Every account has a choice of 3 default themes, with up to 10 additional themes reflecting common topics and industries. We also have a bespoke design service if you, or your client, wish to have a bulletin board theme based on corporate colours and logos. Backgrounds, logos and the colour of visible elements can be changed to anything required.

Supported by industry experts

At VisionsLive we have an in-house Project Success Team who’s with you every step of the way to make sure you get the answers and insights you need from your completed project.

Affordable Pricing

Clear and transparent pricing to suit your needs.
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