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V+ Online AV Focus Groups & AV In-Depth Interviews

V+ Live Online Focus Groups are the fastest and most cost-effective way to run live online focus groups today. Anyone with an Internet connection and a web browser can take part. Our platform is the most feature-complete and easy-to-use system available.

Live AV focus
groups & AV IDI’s

Images, video, collages & dynamic whiteboard

Full structured
discussion guide

Run snap

Advertising &
brand research

Idea generation
& validation

segmentation insight

Integrates with
the V+ Portal

You Asked, We Listened!

Here are some of the latest features now available:

Accessibility – Can run sessions across desktops, laptops and tablets.
HTML5 product eliminating any dependencies needed to run a session
No limitations on number of webcams put to stage
Automatically highlights an active speaking person in the group making it easy to see who is speaking at the time.
Auto stage an active speaking person when moderator tool enabled. (If tool not enabled, moderator can choose manually who to put on stage when speaking.
Customisable respondent profile fields visible to moderators in live sessions.
Create, run and present heatmap exercises.
Embed videos onto the whiteboard allowing moderators to probe respondents throughout watching a video.
Inbuilt conference call facility if required.
Easily mute any respondent(s) with poor audio and send personalised conference call details allowing them to call into the system audio thus reducing conference call costs.

Versatile. Interactive. Agile.

A comprehensive toolset so that your sessions meet your needs. V+ Live Online Focus Groups give researchers full control to moderate the discussion and interact with respondents via rich chat or full webcam/audio; show stimulus, annotate, and move objects on a whiteboard; send open-ended or closed questions; upload and present video clips, and much more.

Designed for researchers. Built for results.

Live online groups have never been more accessible. All interactions within the VisionsLive platform are intuitive and simple for both moderator and respondent, since VisionsLive is designed and built from the ground-up by leading-edge researchers, for the entire research process.

Supported by industry experts

We have an in-house Project Success Team that’s with you, or behind the scenes every step of the way, to make sure that every project you do with us is a complete success.

 Trusted by leading research and insight companies

Think Research. Think Online Qual. Think VisionsLive.

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